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Get a Working Plan For Your Future

Portrait of a loving mother and her young adult/late teen son.


= Made some bad choices or mistakes
≡  No real plan for after high school.
≡  Need help transitioning to high school or college
≡  Feeling out of control
≡  A little anxious/lacking motivation, self-esteem

Young men face constant waves of challenges and feelings of inadequacies, in their teen and young adult years.  They need and benefit from love, support and guidance. Although young men can project confidence and self-reliance, deep down they are often existing without a sense of direction or self-esteem.  The media and peers can add further ‘fuel to the fire’ by acting or presenting an image that males have it all together.

Teens/young men benefit from support

Some of our basic needs are for belonging, love, and power,
but how do we acquire these Private Coachingneeds constructively?   These needs can serve as the motivators for creating and executing a plan for success and getting back on track after a mistake or bad decision.  It can take a young man years to recover from one bad decision, however, if caught early, a few sessions can aid in discovering and resolving the set back.  Don’t allow a “set-back to hold you back.”



Guidance  bigstock-African-american-Single-parent-8322432“Your Son, His Plan, His Future”.  Take the first step.  Sessions combine counseling, psychology and coaching, using proven strategies and a uniquely created individualized plan.  The focus can be career, academics, or personal best.  You will notice a difference as your son is coached and guided to improved self-esteem, self-confidence, social etiquette and better decision making skills.

You choose the plan

Availability:  Mon – Friday, Saturdays, with limited availability on Sundays.

The Teen Development ROAD-MAP is customized to meet your needs.

Young man carrying his cute girl on back isolated on white background

I love my son.

Start Today

Call (908) 566-0145
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